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Friday, July 13, 2012

Isabeli Fontana

Isabeli is one of the sweetest model that I've known, she has been constantly replying to most of my tweets and as we all know this brazilian bombshell has already earned her title as one of the supermodels, she had appeared in several spreads of Vogue,Elle and Harpers Bazaar all over the world in covers and editorials. Fronting in the campaign of the biggest brand and walking in every fashion week there is, she is an icon, an epitome of beauty. Regardless that she is indeed on the top my favorite models of all time, i think Isabeli is such a stunner,this spread is featured on Vogue Spain where she plays as bandida, the styling here is done very well, the layering is fantastic, the details are very well thought through, with patterns, textures and colors peeking out here and there. Socks under shoes, gun props, and accessories that read the theme, this stylist was true to the concept and took it to the next level.Shot By Alex Lombomirski.Isabeli is a sultry vision with weaponry and bronzed skin in the sun-drenched images.


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