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Sunday, January 18, 2009

emotional debts

Don't get me wrong, if I'm looking kind of dazzled, I see neon lights, whenever you walk by... Don't get me wrong, if I'm looking so distracted, I'm thinking about the fireworks, that go off when you smile.

Impossible. Impossible, would it be to fall any deeper for you than I've already fallen, my dear.

Oh, how I wish I could hear your voice. I wish I could hear your voice again.

Speak to me, love in foreign tounge tell me all about your love for me. Tell me now, is it true? Tell me again there's no such thing as over and over again.

Sinking like ships.The taste of your lips all that I crave.

You my only desire.

Hold on to this. Oh, sweet bliss.

The sweetest kiss.

Saving only the best.

Oh, the very best for you.

Crashing like cars

Our bodies collide!

"soulmates remember, there's no such thing as over. there never will be. it's just us. just you and me. nothing else no one else matters. i just want you. i want to take care of you. i want you to marry. dont ever leave me. we are one. we form one perfect being. everything you are i could never be and can never find in anyother."

i love you so much and with every word i write falls a tear from my cheek. and i need you so much that sometimes it hurts me that you cant see. if you were here in front of me maybe would understand. if you could know my heart and my mind. and see just how much i care and love and need you. you're all that i speak of. you're all that fills my thoughts. you're all that i care for.

just as you were mine.

my everything.

just as you were mine.

and lucky me. i am you're only love.

love u much glenn...........


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